The Goal

I want to create a computer system that is open to anyone who wants to program it or use it.


This is my 3rd attempt at creating 4TH.ENERGY as a way to achieve "apps without gatekeepers". The previous 2 iterations provide a solid sense of direction:

An evolution that has occured since attempt #2 is the push by the ETH community for a billion users and the resulting emergence of L2 networks connected to L1 mainnet, and even experimental L3 networks connecting to L2s. The emerging hierarchy looks to me like:

To me, current L2 and L3 architectures are simply emerging intermediary networks by another name, and so there is still work to be done if "apps without gatekeepers" is to be realised.

And so I've been convinced to continue on... And besides, I couldn't stop anyway.

Proof Of Concepts

The published Proof of Concepts (POCs) from attempt #1 worked well and so I am bringing them back for attempt #3. I still have a big picture but let's start focused on some tasks that carry on from attempt #2 various essays. I can develop the bigger ideas as as I deliver the POCs.

Off to the studio to throw around some paint.

Pete Horne